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Our products

Our teams in Scandinavia ensure that the complex processes behind our  solutions function simply and effectively. This leaves our customers free to concentrate on their core business.

Our products must provide solutions to the challenges faced by multinational companies with thousands of employees, complex public institutions or small sole proprietorships. This makes high demands of flexibility and user-friendliness. Even though most of our solutions are highly complex, we seek to ensure that they are simple and transparent for users.

Scalable Solutions

Bluegarden provides targeted solutions for companies of every size and type in both the public and private sectors.

Companies face increasingly complex administrative challenges in terms of payroll and HR. We can therefore see a demand for effective IT solutions, which we meet by developing systems that can be customised for each company. The aim is to enable our customers to stay focused on their core business, while we pay their employees on time.

We can help multinational companies handle their payroll and HR administration in the Scandinavian region. On the other hand, we can help Scandinavian companies that wish to expand into the multinational arena. We have products that are targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises. Most of our solutions are scalable and can accompany a company's development from the local market to the international arena.

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Courses and customer activities

To ensure that our customers achieve the full benefits of our many products, we hold a large number of different training seminars, as well as courses in related areas such as labour market legislation and strategic HR. Once a year, we hold our major customer and partner events: ”Användarkonferensen” in Sweden and ”Bluegarden Dagene” in Norway. In Denmark, Rigét operates a number of professional networks solely for companies that use one or several of Bluegarden's systems. Bluegarden in Denmark also holds annual network seminars for interested customers.

For more information on partner events, please visit the national sites:

Bluegarden Denmark: Kurser
Bluegarden Norway: Arrangementer
Bluegarden Sweden: Utbildning och Seminarier